[KPhotoAlbum] How to make share auto mount on system start

Shawn Willden shawn-kimdaba at willden.org
Sun May 6 14:37:01 CEST 2007

On Friday 04 May 2007 02:30:01 pm Neil Paisnel wrote:
> I have now got a working share on the windows XP home machine, that I can
> access from the Kubuntu Feusty box from within KPA.

Here's another option:  Why not just copy the images to the Feisty box?   
Assuming disk space isn't an issue, it's not only easier than mucking about 
with file shares, but it also gets your images in two places, which can be 
very valuable if something goes wrong.

I use rsync to transfer my image collection between computers.  It's fast and 
doesn't copy data that is already on the destination machine.  I always 
download pictures from my camera to my laptop, then rsync them to my file 
server, and rsync them from the file server to my wife's laptop and to my 
kids' desktop.  I'm working to arrange a way to rsync them to my brother's 
machine at his house, in order to get an off-site copy as well.

In your case, the way I'd do it is:

1.  apt-get install rsync on the Feisty box.
2.  Edit /etc/rsyncd.conf to define a writable rsync share.  Point it where 
you want to store your pictures on the Feisty box.
3.  Edit /etc/default/rsync to enable the rsync server
4.  Install cygwin on the XP box, taking care to make sure the rsync package 
is  selected.
5.  Open a bash command-line window on the XP box, navigate to where the 
images are and then run something like "rsync -Pav . feistybox::pictures".  

Repeat step 5 every time you load new photos on the XP box.  To make it even 
easier, put that line in a shell script and create a shortcut on the desktop.


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