[KPhotoAlbum] Patch: allow to show thumbnails on black background

Baptiste MATHUS ml at batmat.net
Fri May 4 08:18:34 CEST 2007

I like the black background. In fact, it makes me more able to concentrate
on my photos than on the bg :).

Though, now I've two things I think would improve KPA :
* As Risto said, remove the borders between photos. It would make it look
more clean imo. And it would be something more to help concentrate on photos
only :-)

* Selecting the background is maybe the right idea, but I think than graying
the selected thumbnail is finally not the best way to go. In fact, at least
on my computer, the actual selection makes it quite difficult to see the
thumbnail. This is a pity for me since I use thumbnails with >200px large (4
or 5 photos per line for me).
What would be great, I think, would be to just add a border around the
selected thumbnail. Red? White? Blue? See gthumb to see what I'm speaking
about if you don't understand.

What do you think?


2007/5/4, Henner Zeller <h.zeller at acm.org>:
> Hi,
> > I also made selection more visible by changing the background color of
> > selected thumbnails. Previous selection style had a quite low contrast
> > sometimes, especially when selected image was same color as the
> > highlight color (light blue on my system).
> >
> > KPA-SVN users: Any comments on new selection graphics?
> Looks better than before!
> Thanks,
>   -henner
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