[KPhotoAlbum] Database out of Sync

Steffen Jost steffenjost at web.de
Tue Jul 31 23:30:53 CEST 2007

How do I synchronize my KPA database with my hard disk?

KPA is missing some photos within its database which are on the hard
disk and vice versa, i.e. it still lists some photos which have been
deleted from the hard disk. For some photos even both is true: the photo
exists on the hard disk but is only listed among those shown in
"Maintenance"->"Show photos not on hard disk", hence I cannot access the
photo through KPA anymore.

I already tried in vain the two options given under maintenance: "Search
for new Pictures and Videos" and "Recalculate Checksum" (BTW,
recalculate checksum was a pain, since I had to manually acknowledge
each single missing photo - and there are about 500 of those by now!
Please add a "yes for all"-button!)

I did not realize that something was amiss until very recently. We
usually immediately categorize our fotos with KPA right after
downloading them from the camera. I sometime use KDE's "showfoto" on
some of them later to crop and adjust brightness and colors. Mostly I
save the manipulated photo under a new name, but not always. I do _not_
expect KPA to know about these changes, of course. I simply expected to
be required to enter the comments and categories again, even if I
started showfoto as an "external viewer" from KPA. Furthermore I know
that my wife occasionally accesses and manipulates the fotos using
Windows (they are stored on a VFAT partition, but I plan to use EXT3 and
a Windows-EXT2-driver in the near future). She has recently moved many
fotos around, but interestingly some of the ill-affected fotos were
definitely left untouched and the vast majority of those moved are still
tracked fine by KPA. I am also mirroring _all_ our photos on my laptop
and use KPA on the laptop as well, but I never save changes to the
database on my laptop. We use KPA 3.0 from the Suse/Backports
repositories on openSUSE 10.1. Again, I do _not_ expect KPA to recover
on its own in such hazardous conditions, but there must be some way to
salvage the category-data for those fotos KPA still does know something
about and repair the database?! Note that I do not get any errormessages
from KPA.

So how do I insert the missing photos? (I think according to earlier
posts on this mailing list, deleting the deleted images from the KPA
database is a bug already fixed in the very latest SVN version, right?)

Thanks for any advice,

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