[KPhotoAlbum] IPTC branch in SVN

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sun Jul 22 18:44:40 CEST 2007

Hi all,
I've already implemented reading & writing of label, description and
orientation, other fields shouldn't be that hard to add. It also
supports viewing IPTC information in the EXIF dialog (including four
funny character sets) and configuring where to read/write metadata from/to.

IPTC branch can be accessed in a similar way to the regular kde3 branch,
it's at branches/work/kphotoalbum-iptc. I'd appreciate if you can try it
and report if you like it or not, from both user (usability) and
developer (coding style, programming style) point of view. It's far from
being bugfree, but I personally use it whenever I normally use KPA,
except when I'm importing new images, because date reading isn't
committed yet, and I have suffered no data loss (yet :) ).

I'd like to finish my work by mid-August, when I'll ask for final review
before merging back to trunk (yay). If you're interested in testing,
don't wait for it, grab a copy from SVN and report issues :).


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