[KPhotoAlbum] review of Linux photo programs (includign KPA) in German C'T magazine

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Sun Jul 8 18:59:05 CEST 2007


you might be interested to know about a comparison of photo programs for
Linux, which was published in the edition 14/2007 of the German C'T
The comparison included
- digikam (0.9.2)
- KPA (3.0.2)
- Gthumb (2.10.3)
- F-Spot (0.3.5)
- Picasa (2.2.0)

The clear winner is digicam. If you look at the comparison table, KPA is
second one, according for the ratings, but in the conclusion, KPA is
listed as last one. Here KPA is presented as pure management tool for
big collections with a high learning time, due to idiosyncratic handling.

In the main text the following points are especially mentioned:
- missing support for IPTC
- there is a longer part, complaining, that the categories "persons" and
  "keywords" are defined, but need to be opened and placed in the
  dialog. (I couldn't see this behaviour with 3.0.2 when using a "clean"
  - containing neither layout.xml nor image.xml - directory as base
  directory. "People", "Places" and "keywords" were present)
- there are not enough functions for corrections (red eye correction is
  especially mentioned) At the same time the text states clearly that
  KPA regards itself as management tool.
+ The token feature is praised
+ The export functions are praised for the configuration options
+ categories definable by user
+ The opening text of the article mentions, that KPA is the only
  program able to handle videos.
* The search features (clicking through the categories or search dialog)
  are described. In the text this feature is just presented as a matter
  of fact. (While I was impressed by the simplicity of clicking the
  categories and having the remaining categories updated, when I
  discovered KPA)

Some points are missing:
- the hierarchical tags aren't mentioned
- the md5 sum support to find moved images isn't mentioned
- the text mentions the video support, but later on this is no criterion


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