[KPhotoAlbum] can not deal with images not on disk

Mark Eichin eichin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 17:13:59 CEST 2007

On 7/1/07, Rui Malheiro <rmalheiro at 6mil.pt> wrote:
> [Sunday, 1 de July de 2007] Jan Kundrát:
> > I see your point, but note that some people use KPA with storage that
> > might go partially offline (external disk, network mount,...). If we
> > allow deleting files in such a case, it might be confusing as images
> > might suddenly appear again upon remount...
> >
> > Suggestions are welcome.
> The optimal solution would be to build offline media knowledge into KPA. Now
> KPA just monitors a single tree - if KPA knew about different devices and
> those devices could be marked as "offline candidates" it would be trivial to
> ignore it when scanning for deleted images.

That would fit my model (I'd like to have one unified set of tags, in
particular, but I work on the laptop and don't really want more than
the last year or so of pictures most of the time.)

> It would be also be fantastic if KPA would ask for a volume to be mounted when
> we try to display an image stored on media that's currentely offline.

Yes, as long as it can be told "no, shut up, you're not going to get
that" (in my case "offline" means "on a network file system and *I'm*
offline" :-)

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