[KPhotoAlbum] migrate from kphotoalbum to picasa

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I've decided to that KPA is such a great program that I run it via nomachine (FreeNX). I got a bit lost trying to use the KPA on Cygwin  instructions. 
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I am also bound to a Windows machine currently and therefore have started to look at ways to run KPhotoAlbum on Windows to access my pictures which are still stored on a Linux file server. 

I have started a page at http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=KPhotoAlbum+on+Windows which describes how to get KPhotoAlbum to compile on Windows using the cygwin packages. The description may not be 100% complete yet, but I got KPhotoAlbum to compile and run on cygwin without any change to the sourcecode itself!

Any comments are welcome!


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> I have been using kphotoalbum for over a year; it is a great program, but
> I now want to access my photos via a MS Windows machine. I realize that
> using NX (NoMachine) is an option, but I would like to run something locally.
> I have my entire collection of photos tagged in kphotoalbum; does anyone
> know of a way to migrate this metadata to another program, like picasa or
> acdsee? Thank you! JT

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