[KPhotoAlbum] exif and video

Tero Tilus tero.tilus at jyu.fi
Sat Jan 20 10:25:32 CET 2007

2007-01-19 16:41, Eugen Dedu:
> Now, I cannot hide you that I would like that kphotoalbum have such
> a feature...

I would like that very much too.  Currently I do not have any time
available. :( In fact I would like video metadata capabilities so much
I could pay a little to motivate somebody *cough* to implement it.
Maybe we could have a whip-round?

Had to look around a little more...  libextractor is RIFF metadata
capable.  It would 'do' also metadata from OGG (theora video), Real,
QT, MPEG and ASF (windows media video).

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