[KPhotoAlbum] exif and video

Eugen Dedu Eugen.Dedu at pu-pm.univ-fcomte.fr
Fri Jan 19 16:41:27 CET 2007

Tero Tilus wrote:
> 2007-01-19 15:05, Eugen Dedu:
>> - Do avi files with motion jpeg use exif data?
> I looked into a AVI file from my Canon A620.  In fact it _does_
> contain a date (and it matches the date of video creation), but no
> exif data.  
> AVI files are RIFF format and it looks to me as the date is in RIFF
> LIST chunk, but chunk id 'IDIT' is not listed in RIFF doc[1].
> However, exiftool knows about RIFF metadata[2] and especially 'IDIT'
> tag, which is named DateTimeOriginal and sound exactly like what we
> are after here.  Now we need only RIFF metadata capable library and
> some coding effort. :)
> [1] http://www.kk.iij4u.or.jp/~kondo/wave/mpidata.txt
> [2] http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/TagNames/RIFF.html

I looked with emacs, hexl-mode, into an avi file generated with my 
camera and it indeed contains the string:
"IDIT....Sun Jan 14 19:18:49 2007"

Now, I cannot hide you that I would like that kphotoalbum have such a 

Eugen Dedu

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