[KPhotoAlbum] Binary packages for KPhotoAlbum 3.0

William Holland will at willholland.co.uk
Sat Jan 13 17:29:00 CET 2007

Hi Jesper,

It's not in gentoo yet.

the only link to the packager is a tag saying 'deathwing00', but I can't find 
out who that is...  Sorry.



On Saturday 13 January 2007 09:54, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> Binary packages have now been created for FreeBSD, Fedora, ArchLinux, Fink,
> Debian, and Suse. See http://www.kphotoalbum.org/download-binaries.html
> Does anyone know of other distros with KPA packages? I'm esp interested in
> finding out who is in Charge for KPA for ubuntu.
> How about gentoo, does anyone know who the contact person is for that
> package, and if it has made it in there?
> Cheers
> Jesper.

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