[KPhotoAlbum] KPA Survey

Neilen Marais junkmail at chatsubo.lagged.za.net
Wed Jan 10 17:27:23 CET 2007


I filled in the KPA survey, but I'm not running a KDE desktop and don't
have kmail installed, which meant all the info was lost :( Is there no
more desktop-neutral way of sending mail? Or perhaps give the option of
saving the whole thing as a text file?

Anyway, I luckily saved my comments since I suspected something like
this might happen (it seems to be a common problem with all
auto-bugreporters, etc.), so I will paste it here:

I like the features that have been added, especially to v3.0 .Ignoring
RAW when JPEG exists is great, as well as removing tags from list boxes
as jou type. The hierarchical sub-category views are also very nice.

--- Ignore below if you want only positives ;-)

My main problem is with performance though. My photos are heavily
tagged, and sometimes selecting a subset can take about a minute of pure
CPU. (1.8GHz Athlon XP, 1GB RAM). Luckily v3.0 remains fast after
calculating the view, whereas v2.2 would sometimes hang for similar
amount of times while viewing/scrolling through the thumbnails. 

Featurewise I'd really like picture versioning/stacks. This goes
particularly well with RAW pictures, since the RAW is treated as the
original negative and then all the versions as prints. It would be nice
if KPA could mediate the actions of other software, e.g. I click on a
RAW to do a RAW-conversion, KPA launches RAW converter of choice, and
then automatically adds the new JPG as a version. Other times this may
be usefull is when a sequence of pictures should be collected (e.g. a
burst of pictures taken while your subject does something funny) It
would be even nicer if there was specific support for viewing such

Anyway, keep up the great work, and thanks for making such a well
targeted photo-app!


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