[KPhotoAlbum] Some comments on KPhotoAlbum 3.0

Siegmar Alber siegmaralber at dnet.it
Thu Jan 4 01:15:58 CET 2007

Am Mittwoch 03 Januar 2007 18:53 schrieb Jesper K. Pedersen:
> On Tuesday 02 January 2007 21:26, Siegmar Alber wrote:
> | But one thing I found a bit confusing when updating from KPA 2.2 to 3.0
> | was when my "old" properties and informations for the images weren't
> | imported. And the fatalest thing was when the index.xml file was silently
> | overwritten. There was no problem for me, because I made a backup before
> | updating, but a warning on the homepage or even in the application itself
> | would be nice... Of course the best thing would be, when KPA 3.0 would
> | recognize a prior version and import/update the index.xml.
> | Sorry, I can't provide a patch... I have to learn C++ some day ;-)
> I'm not sure what is lost, could you explain a bit more in details?

Ok, I'll explain it: I had KPA 2.2 and sorted in about 2000 images. They are 
in the folder /mnt/images. KPA makes the index.xml file, where all the 
properties are stored. This file is safed as /mnt/images/index.xml. When I 
updated to KPA 3.0 I was first asked, where my images are and I 
said /mnt/images. (I think I was asked because in KPA 2.2 this setting was 
still safed under ~/.kde/share/config/kimdaba and in the new version as 
~/.kde/share/config/kphotoalbum.)  After I confirmed the dialog, KPA 3.0 
scanned all my fotos and all the properties I made on the images in KPA 2.2 
were lost! It was as if I had never been using KPA 2.2. I thought I have to 
restart KPA. So I closed KPA 3.0, I was asked to save, and I said yes. Of 
course this was a mistake, because now the /mnt/images/index.xml was 
overwritten with a empty file. But first I didn't thought about this... So 
the problem is, I had sorted 2000 images with KPA 2.2 and KPA 3.0 didn't 
recognize them...
Of course I made a backup before updating, so nothing was lost in my case. I 
replaced the index.xml with the backup and all was fine, but if someone 
didn't make a backup, all his work would be lost... KPA 3.0 should see, that 
there is already a existing index.xml and use that instead of scanning 
"blindly" all the images. Of course this happend only the first time I 
started KPA in the new version. Maybe there was also another problem and it 
happend only by accident. I haven't tried to reproduce the problem, but I 
could if necessary, you only have to ask me...
I hope it's clear now, if not, I would also try to explain it again in a other 
way... Don't be shy, ask! ;-)

> | One other thing: In the dialog for changing many images simultaneously
> | the selected properties are a bit confusing: some are selected (don't
> | know if these are the settings of the first or last image). What happens
> | if I change a property? Do the properties merge with the properties that
> | an image already has? It isn't really clear what happens if I apply the
> | properties... Would be nice to have back the checkbox "Merge"... Don't
> | know, if anyone is able to understand this paragraph... Sorry for my
> | English... ;-)
> The check boxes are tristate (your style might make it difficult to see
> that though) See mailing list for details on what that means,

Oh sorry, that was my fault... I know what tristate means, thanks. You are 
right, it's difficult to see... This makes KPA even better, but I have to 
look for a new style... :-)

Siegmar Alber

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