[KPhotoAlbum] Patch: file types as subcategories of media type

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+gmane+kimdaba at fastmail.fm
Tue Jan 2 11:54:39 CET 2007

This patch automatically lists all file types as subcategories of the
media type.


For me it's a first step towards a better "raw workflow". With the
patch, I can easily browse jpg+cr2 when weeding out images or just jpg
when viewing and album or doing a slide show. Also, it's an easy way to
get statistics about  the usage of certain file types (I never knew I
had a png in there...). In some sense it replaces the option to "ignore
raw files" which is an all or nothing option.

- Similar code is used for reading images from the DB and for new
images; it might be better to put it into a new ImageInfo method

- As implemented, the file type is the last 3 letters of the file name,
converted to lower case. This is consistent with what KPA does in other
places and works with all files coming from 8+3 FAT file systems (such
as from a camera). It doesn't cover file endings like "jpeg", "mpeg" or
"tiff", but that's an easy fix if desired.

Let me know if you want me to smooth things out (ImageInfo method, file
types with other lengths).

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