[KPhotoAlbum] How does KPA find index.xml?

vincent delft vincent_delft at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 28 20:08:42 CET 2007

Strange you don't find it in ~/.kde

I have in my home dir the following file:

within that file, I have the vairable "configfile"
which point to my index.xml file. 

Which version are you using ?

I'm using kphotoalbum 3.0.2. 

--- Tero Tilus <tero at tilus.net> wrote:

> Just moved my db to new box and now I can't make KPA
> find my db
> without -c option.  I skimmed thru everything I
> could think of could
> contain the default setting (in /etc and ~/.kde),
> but found nothing.
> Now I feel _really_ dumb.  Help appreciated.
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