[KPhotoAlbum] Subcategories

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sun Dec 23 14:28:43 CET 2007

Murray Strome wrote:
> I cannot figure out how to create
> categories/subcategories.  I have tried to do it with
> settings>categories>subcategories, which doesn't seem
> to work correctly (or at least not intuitively). I
> also tried as suggested somewhere in the documentation
> to drag what I want to be a subcategory to the item
> which I would consider the supercategory.  This
> doesn't do anything either.

Suppose you use the demo DB (run `kphotoalbum -demo` to load it) and
want to define new place "Europe" that contains Denmark.

Setting -> Configure KPA -> Subcategories

In the "category" combo box, select "Places"

click "Add Super Category", type "Europe" in the dialog box, OK

In the left listbox, "Europe" should be selected

On the right hand listbox, select any items that you want in that
category (use shift/ctrl for multiple selection). In our case, we want
only Denmark, so let's select it

Click OK

That's all, now you should see the hierarchy in the annotation dialog.
If you don't, click the "T" button in it.

Merry Christmas,

cd /local/pub && more beer > /dev/mouth

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