[KPhotoAlbum] compile error with kphotoalbum 3.1 - need some help...

Tuomas Suutari thsuut at utu.fi
Tue Dec 11 00:08:39 CET 2007

On Mon 2007-12-10, Reimar Imhof wrote:
> Now I've added an extra export CXXFLAGS=' -ljpeg'
> in die spec-file just before the configure-call.
> That's an workaround for the compile error.
> But I don't try to understand it, since configure set that flag by
> itself.

This sounds like a linker dependency problem, which is caused by a wrong 
order of listed libraries in the command line.

Probably can be fixed by adjusting the configure.in.in script of KPA, 
but I'm totally out of time to solve this. Any takers? Jan?

For more information about the problem (if it is what I think) see 
manual page of ld and search for the --start-group option. It explains 
the effect of the order of the libraries (and also gives a method to 
solve cyclic library dependencies, but there shouldn't be anything like 
those in KPA).

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