[KPhotoAlbum] Second iteration of experimental image grouping patch

Paul Fleischer paul at xpg.dk
Mon Dec 3 09:30:43 CET 2007

2007/12/3, Tero Tilus <tero at tilus.net>:
> 2007-12-01 01:20, Harald:
> > Combine this with a new special category with an unique id for every
> > image and the possibility to set this id to the same value for a
> > bunch of images (ok, not so unique anymore). And a button in the
> > tool bar to temporarily switch off the hidden search expression. You
> > get a grouping feature without hierarchy, hidden images and an easy
> > way to show all images in the group.
> Before we start to implement "special" things we should always
> consider the gain against added complexity.  That is why I asked "do
> we really need this" in my first post to this thread.

Very important point indeed.

> To the point...
> How is this different (apart from the button) form "Visible" tag in
> you keywords and what you can do with it right now?  Should we instead
> of specialities improve UI to enable this kind of fast toggle
> modifications of search (drill-down) expressions?

Yeha, I think a way to fast toggle the search expression is the way to
go. However, I can imagine that it is a non-trivial task to implement
it, as I think it should be customisable. But I think it's the right


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