[KPhotoAlbum] Second iteration of experimental image grouping patch

Tero Tilus tero at tilus.net
Mon Dec 3 07:24:15 CET 2007

2007-12-01 01:20, Harald:
> Combine this with a new special category with an unique id for every
> image and the possibility to set this id to the same value for a
> bunch of images (ok, not so unique anymore). And a button in the
> tool bar to temporarily switch off the hidden search expression. You
> get a grouping feature without hierarchy, hidden images and an easy
> way to show all images in the group.

Before we start to implement "special" things we should always
consider the gain against added complexity.  That is why I asked "do
we really need this" in my first post to this thread.

To the point...

How is this different (apart from the button) form "Visible" tag in
you keywords and what you can do with it right now?  Should we instead
of specialities improve UI to enable this kind of fast toggle
modifications of search (drill-down) expressions?

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