[KPhotoAlbum] Second iteration of experimental image grouping patch

Paul Fleischer paul at xpg.dk
Sun Dec 2 00:28:06 CET 2007

2007/12/1, Harald <hhaak at gmx.de>:

> I'm not sure which way's the better one. I guess this depends on the
> situation. If you have real hierarchical structures (stitched image and the
> original images) it seems the logical way to hide the parent. On the other
> hand, with an image series it would be better to include the parent so you
> can more easily choose if this is the right parent in the group.

I beleive, that the way to do it is using a "hide"-attribute, as Tero
Tilus suggests. This is mainly due to the fact, that grouping is
usable for so many things that we cannot foresee how people want their
images to be displayed.

> I've just found a little bug:
> Drop one image on another, then drop the new parent on a third image.
> Show the children of the third image, then the children of the child.
> Now choose use as parent and you end up with two parents. One of them is
> empty.

Sounds strange. I'll look into it in case people don't like my third
iteration patch :-). In the third iteration, multiple parents are
supported, and the bug should thus not be existing there.

> Rest works just too good for purely experimental.
> I'm just getting a little impatient for this to get stable :-D

I'm impatient as well, but it will take quite some time until this is
stable for real. The concept of grouping is not even properly defined,
and until we have done that it is difficult to write a proper
implementation. But I'm working as much as I can on both, so hopefully
we will see image grouping in KPA some day :-)

> But to slow things a little down, here's another idea for the hole grouping
> thing:
> Instead of a hidden flag (as Tero Tilus wrote) I'd prefer a search expression
> in the settings where you can tell which images should not be shown.
> Combine this with a new special category with an unique id for every image and
> the possibility to set this id to the same value for a bunch of images (ok,
> not so unique anymore). And a button in the tool bar to temporarily switch
> off the hidden search expression. You get a grouping feature without
> hierarchy, hidden images and an easy way to show all images in the group.
> Then it's left to the appropriate tags to get a hierarchy.

Intereseting approach. Actually, I have thought about using a special
"hidden" tag for hiding images, which is something along the same
lines, I guess.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


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