[KPhotoAlbum] Third iteration of image grouping patch

Paul Fleischer paul at xpg.dk
Sat Dec 1 00:50:35 CET 2007

Hi again,

Here is the third episode of my image grouping patch series. Quite
alot of things
have happened. And the code is uglier than ever. I'll try to summerise
the changes this patch makes to the pristine KPA:

- A many-to-many relationship between images has been added. Currently
the terminology is that of "parents" and "children". But as discussed
earlier, this should be changed to "master" and "derivate".
- The relationsship is made by dragging the child and dropping it onto
the image one wants to act as parent.
- Parents have a folder icon overlayed in the lower right corner
- Children have an arrow icon overlayed in the top left corner
- One can browse the children of an image by right-clicking it and
selecting "Show Children".
- One can browse the parents of an image by right-clicking it and
selecting "Show Parents"
- When showing children, you can detach the selected child by
right-clicking it and selecting "Detach Child"
- When showing parents, you can detach the selected parent by
right-clicking it and selecting "Detach Parent"
- The annotation dialog now has a "Hide Image" option. This can be
used to hide parents and children as one likes.

As mentioned earlier, the patch itself makes some rather nasty changes
to some classes. Of course, suggestions to how it can be made less
nasty are welcome, but I am more interested in oppinions about the
functionality. Is this a viable way of doing things, or is it just too
complicated ?

Looking forward to your comments.

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