[KPhotoAlbum] [PATCH] Re: EXIF db vs. non-ascii chracters in file name

Jan Kundrát jkt at gentoo.org
Sun Apr 29 20:47:34 CEST 2007

What's the status of this?

Current version of KPA doesn't support EXIF searches for directories
containing non-ASCII (or non-ISO-8859-1?) characters as it stores broken
EXIF records for them ("invalid" characters are replaced by "?").

As KPA is the only consumer of its EXIF DB, it shouldn't matter what
encoding it uses, as long as it uses the same for both reading and
writing (/me kicks earlier version of the patch). UTF-8 is a good
compromise between size and efficiency, is widely adopted and can store
any character that current filesystems support, AFAIK.

The only problem I can think about is following: *if* the "to string"
cast in QSqlQuery::bindValue uses iso8859-1 as default encoding (rather
that "ascii"), people who use non-ascii yet iso8859-1 characters will
suddenly have non-existent items in their EXIF DB. This will consume
some space, but can be easily solved by deleting the DB file and letting
KPA re-create it. IMHO it's still better than not allowing those
searches at all...

Perhaps we could use another file name with "version" component for the
new DB?


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