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That is a shame.  Would like to use linux, have been wanting to go over to
it for a few years now.  but it is just not usable enough yet.  I have just
started to play around with it, with a spare machine, but to spend more than
a week, every day, just to get things like printer, screen, network,
internet, keyboard etc etc to work, is just not worth it. And even now have
still not found answers to most of the problems.  It is still very geeky.
Windows may have faults, but at least it generally just works


I want to use the machine and have my girlfriend be able to use it.  I do
not want to spend all my time making it and software work by trawling the
net, forums etc etc.  Looks like I’ll have to try MAC or stick with windows
at least it is usable out of the box 



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I guess not... Or at least not many people since everybody seems to run

The thing is there's not much effort in this area now, since Qt4 should
permit this more easily. So maybe migrating KPA to Qt4 (as Jesper already
spoke about it in the past) will help here. 

Sorry :).

2007/4/27, Neil Paisnel <neil at paisnel.co.uk>:

Is there really no one here that has compiled KPA on windows? I have read
the wiki, but need a bit more advise before I start






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