[KPhotoAlbum] KPAs dislike of certain characters in category names

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Mon Nov 20 19:39:10 CET 2006


if I create a new Category, containing at least certain German Umlaute,
KPA "forgets" the position and visibility of the category in the tagging
- Add a new category (I used "Schlüsselbegriffe" ("Keywords"))
- Make the category visible in the tag-dialog ("Options, Show/Hide Window")
- Add the new frame in the wanted position
- (As a test I changed at the the same time the positions for other
categories; but this isn't needed to see the problem)
- "Options/Save current window setup"
- Close the dialog, reopen it: all changes in the layout show up.
- Save the database, quit KPA completely, start KPA again
- Open the tagging-dialog
- The category containing the Umlaut is not shown and needs to be added
again. The other rearrangements - done at the same time - are still
there. (So the setting has been saved)

On the bright side, when I finally found the reason and renamed
"Schlüsselworte" to "Schluesselworte" all my category thumbnails were
correctly renamed and still present - thanks !


I don't know, if it is a good idea to raise this during code freeze.
If this is considered low priority, is there something I can do, to have
it remembered ? (like adding it to a bug tracker ?)

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