[KPhotoAlbum] fix: special category's attributes not saved

Christoph Moseler forums at moseler.net
Sun Nov 19 00:38:50 CET 2006

Hm, I svn log both files, FileReader and FileWriter, but I learned 
nothing new. I know, that there has been a discussion about saving the 
folders and media type including their groups. Folders are redundant, 
they can be reconstructed from the images' paths. Media type is a 
constant category with two groups - doesn't make sense to save it.
With my patch, the both categories are saved like that:

   <Category viewtype="0" icon="folder" thumbnailsize="32" name="Folder" 
show="0" />
   <Category viewtype="0" icon="video" thumbnailsize="32" 
name="Media_Type" show="0" />

/> is important, groups are not saved.

BTW, this evening my girlfriend and me showed the photos taken on our 
Nambia trip to our families the very first time. It was a great success, 
not only because of the photos, but also because of this great piece of 
software called KPhotoAlbum! Huge thanks to you, Jesper.


Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> This has gone forth and back a few times. I'd really appreciate it if you 
> could svn log a bit to see why I previously removed it, and tell me what you 
> learned. 
> On Sunday 12 November 2006 01:05, Christoph Moseler wrote:
> | Hi Jesper,
> |
> | the attributes "icon", "show", "viewtype" and "thumbnailsize" are not
> | saved for the categories "folder" and "media type".
> |
> | Steps to reproduce that the show-attribute is not saved:
> | - open an image in the Viewer
> | - open the context menu -> show -> deselect "Show Media Type"
> | - Quit kpa and save your db
> | - reopen kpa
> | - open an image in the Viewer
> | - open the context menu -> show
> | The show-state of the Media Type has not been saved, it's selected again.
> |
> | The problem is that categories with the shouldSave-flag set to false are
> | not be written to the index.xml at all.
> |
> | With my patch, categories that should not be saved are written now to
> | the index.xml, but without their value-tags.
> |
> | Best regards,
> | Christoph

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