[KPhotoAlbum] Delete select (images) dialog

Christoph Moseler forums at moseler.net
Fri Nov 17 00:03:56 CET 2006

Hi Jesper,

I'm always wondering why the "Delete select"-dialog behaves a little bit 
weird when I try to delete files that are read-only. I normally
chmod -R a-w
the directories containing images (better is better). When I try to 
delete a read-only image, I would assume that all images that failed to 
delete would be kept in the kpa database. Otherwise I would never have a 
chance to correct the file permissions and try the deletion again.

Having a look at "void DeleteDialog::deleteImages()" is making clear, 
why this happens. I get an error message for these files, but later on 
the files are deleted from kpa (in DB::ImageDB::instance()->deleteList( 
_list ) ).

Images that failed to be removed from disk should be also removed from 
_list so that they are also not removed from the database.

BTW: The dialog is doing nothing if neither "Delete images..." nor 
"Block from..." is checked. In this case, radio buttons would be better.
If the user changes his mind at all, he has to press cancel.

Well, it's up to you to consider this as an important bug or not, but I 
think we should fix it sometime.


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