[KPhotoAlbum] Little patch and some ideas I like to implement

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Thu Nov 16 14:52:09 CET 2006

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 11:11 pm, Henner Zeller wrote:
 ] Since I often take several pictures in a series, I would like to
 ] implement a feature that allows to do a manual side-by-side comparison
 ] of a set of selected pictures to be able to choose the 'best' shot(s).

 Howdi Henner,

 This is an operation that I imagine most of us spend a while
 doing after a big day spent happy-snapping.  :)

 I typically use gqview for this activity, prior to launching KPA and
 having it then suck the new files into its database.  gqview is
 very fast, and preloads the next and previous image - so toggling
 between two images is near instantaneous.  This is very useful
 for the comparison activity you describe.  (Even with a 21" monitor
 at 1600x1200, I'd find side-by-side comparisons difficult to trust,
 or rather evaluate the qualities of each picture, particularly with
 cameras better than mine (5mp - 2560 x 1920 pixels).)  Too much
 detail would be lost, partly because of the difficulty in comparing
 side-by-side (rather than effectively overlaid) images, and partly
 because going side-by-side instantly gives you roughly a quarter
 of the resolution you get when viewing in full screen.

 I'm not sure that KPA would work as well as other applications that
 are better geared up for that kind of work -- maybe that's why Jesper
 suggested a kipi plugin instead.  (I don't use plugins so I don't
 know how elegant that would be as far as a user experience goes.)

 I've found it cumbersome to introduce pictures to KPA and then
 remove them later on (well, not cumbersome, just more work than
 simply hitting the 'del' key in gqview, say) which explains my MO.

 It might be slightly easier if and when KPA gets that feature
 touted a while ago - if you view an image, and only one image, a
 pgup/pgdown will still take you to the previous/next image in
 chronological order .. as though you'd selected every image.

 Not sure if that's already in later branches or what features in
 KPA that may break were it to be introduced.  (?)


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