[KPhotoAlbum] EXIF data "Focal length"

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Nov 12 12:45:38 CET 2006

I simply show all the attributes that the Exiv2 library provides me with. May 
I suggest that you check if you can get this info out of the exiv2 binary, 
and if not I urge you to bring this request onto the libraies maintainers.


On Wednesday 01 November 2006 19:34, Martin Jost wrote:
| Hello,
| I would like to suggest one addition/change to KPA. Adding the effective
| focal length for 35 mm to the EXIF data shown an especially to the EXIF
| search.
| Right now, KPA shows in the EXIF dialogue in the field "Focal length"
| the physical value. (see KPA_EXIF.png) The same value is also used when
| doing searches for focal length. (I tested comparing the shown values
| from konqueror (see below) and KPA)
| In contrast konqueror shows both the "absolute value" ("Brennweite") and
| the value calculated for 35 mm standard ("35 mm Standard"). (see
| KonquerrorEXIF.png)
| I would like to see "35 mm Standard" added for EXIF data and especially
| for EXIF searches in KPA.
| Reason:
| (Sorry, if this sounds awfully trivial...)
| The focal length given on the lenses is the physical value.
| The "visible" focal length of the lens depends on the size of the film
| or sensor. So a focal length of 50 mm is normal view on a 35 mm film (or
| "full size" digital camera). The same lens on my Canon 350 D would act
| like a 80 mm on 35 mm film, because the sensor is smaller than a 35 mm
| film. On even smaller cameras, the sensor is typically much smaller, so
| you get yet another effective focal length.
| So if you have pictures taken by different cameras in KPA, searching for
| the same range of focal length might yield pictures with vastly
| different effective focal lengths.
| Adding "35 mm Standard" for focal length, would give values based on the
| same sensor size, thus yielding consistent searches.
| Martin

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