[KPhotoAlbum] Not using the saved search dialog layout...

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Nov 12 12:41:40 CET 2006

This is for a snapshot or SVN version of KPA, right?
Are you using a translated version of KPA?
Does it happen when you do these steps?
- kphotoalbum -demo
- C-f or pressing the search icon
- redo layout
- press config->save layout
- ctrl-c the app and reopen the config dialog.
If things work fine in the above setup, what action do you do?

On Tuesday 31 October 2006 23:48, Baptiste MATHUS wrote:
| Hi all,
| Is anybody having the same problem ? The first capture attached is the
| search dialog as I see it before I layout it as I need it => see
| second image (After-layout.png) for the wished layout. Then, I select
| "Save the current window setup" and it creates (or updates) the last
| attached xml file. Next time I open search dialog, it does not use the
| defined layout
| Wait a minute...
| Trying to repeat the step for this potential bug, I just noticed
| something which I think might be very valuable : if I do ctrl-f, it
| uses the recently saved layout very well, BUT if I click on the
| "Search" icon of the main window, it doesn't ! Maybe some init code
| has been forgotten for one of the case so as to reload the layout that
| was saved...
| Note that if I close, then reopen KPA, none of the case works anymore
| and it uses the "Before-layout.png" layout...
| Hope this helps debugging ?
| Thanks a lot

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