[KPhotoAlbum] possible bug with multiple super categories

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sat Nov 11 18:08:10 CET 2006

Both issues fixed.
Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in Qt, so I dont always get a signal 
when check state has change, so in rare cases my fix doesn't work. 
Unfortunately this has to do by now.


On Friday 10 November 2006 21:02, Sujee Maniyam wrote:
| I have encountered a problem that may be something related to a tag
| belonging to multiple SUPER categories.
| I have a location tag: 	'golden gate park'.
| It belongs to two super categories  : 'parks' & 'san francisco'
| Now when I select multiple images, Ctrl+2 and tag them with 'golden gate
| park' (I click on the tag under the location tree view), the tag doesn't
| get applied to the images.  It doesn't matter which tree view I click
| on, either 'parks --> golden gate park' or 'san francisco --> golden
| gate park'; the tag isn't recorded.
| Can anyone else confirm this?
| My build is about 2 weeks old.
| thanks
| /sujee
| Michael J Gruber wrote:
| > Hi there,
| >
| > With the svn version from Saturday I noticed the following problem:
| > Say, I have person Mike who is a member of the member groups friends and
| > colleagues. In the property edit dialogue (ctrl+1) with the new tree
| > view, Mike is listed twice, once under each member group he belongs to.
| > If I deselect Mike under one member group, then push OK or go to the
| > next image and back: Mike is selected again under all member groups.
| > Since tokens are unique within a category I would expect him to be
| > deselected (within all member groups) if I deselect him somewhere.
| >
| > That's a problem especially when the list of tokens is so long that I
| > don't even notice he's selected "multiple" times. The problem doesn't
| > occur when one lists tokens by last occurence, of course, because then
| > each token appears only once per category.
| >
| > So, my suggestion for tree view in property edit: If I deselect a token
| > then all occurences of that token within the tree should be deselected.
| >
| > Michael
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