[KPhotoAlbum] Some boolean algebra

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+gmane+kimdaba at fastmail.fm
Fri Mar 31 18:07:10 CEST 2006

Disclaimer: This is not a feature request for the upcoming release.
Proclaimer: Jesper, you're da ten-below-zero-coolest apple.

- How do I display/find all images with, say, tokens B and C set but not
token A?
In finding a workaround I came up with the following questions:
- How do I set a token on several images at once? Simply pressing a key
with multiple images selected doesn't set any tokens. The "Ctrl+2"
dialogue can't set properties.
- How do I find all images with keyword ABC set and keyword DEF not set?

I ended up choosing the view Tokens->A->no other tokens and assigning a
keyword "aonly" (I would have liked to set token y on all at once), then
choosing the view Tokens->No tokens and assigning a keyword "notokens",
then choosing the view keywords->No keywords (I would have liked to just
say (B and C and not A). This worked only because I had no other
keywords assigned. Am I not seeing the obvious, or is this the "easiest"
way to negate tokens/keywords?

Note that in my "real world application" it was more like "all of B
through S set but not A", or else I would have just chosen the B and C
views and assigned the same keyword.


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