[KPhotoAlbum] Mass-removal of tags

Walter Francis wally at theblackmoor.net
Fri Mar 17 03:08:28 CET 2006

On Thu, March 16, 2006 19:49, Robert L Krawitz wrote:

> The most common use cases, it seems to me, are removing a tag that was
> accidentally applied to some photos, or was misspelled.  In the latter case, the
> workflow will be to select all images and remove the offending tag.  In the former,
> you'll probably also select a bunch of messages and clear the tag.

True, but in the case of having all the common tags shown, it would basically be the
same as setting the flags to start with..  You would hit "OK" with all the tags set
that you want to be set.  Perhaps tags that are in some pictures, but not all, would
be greyed or something to indicate they are used too...  That part would be tricky
perhaps, not so much to code, but to make it user friendly.

>> What was the reject in ListSelect.cpp?  That might have been the code
>> that set up the Remove checkbox.
> If you don't have that one, the name ("Remove") of the new checkbox
> won't be visible.  You'll want to manually apply it.

Sure, I added it in, no biggie..  I just tested it, I hadn't noticed the
"merge/remove" at the bottom before, but it seems to work.  :)  One minor tidbit, it
would be nice if both Merge and Remove were greyed out in the single-image edit,
unless I'm missing something..  On single edits, you would just click or unclick
individual keywords, right?

I wish I had this code about a month ago when I hand-edited the XML to clean out about
180 mis-tags (apparently when I was scrolling in the Subject I clicked the first
person in the list, doh!) and a few week ago I fixed (by single-image edit) about 45
pictures that were mistagged.

Walter Francis
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