[KPhotoAlbum] Mass-removal of tags

Robert L Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Fri Mar 17 01:49:19 CET 2006

   Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 17:20:58 -0500 (EST)
   From: "Walter Francis" <wally at theblackmoor.net>
   Cc: kphotoalbum at kdab.net

   On Thu, March 16, 2006 08:21, Robert L Krawitz wrote:

   > No.  The change is that there's now a "Remove" checkbox that when
   > checked removes the tags you've selected.  It's analogous to the
   > "Merge" checkbox.  Indeed, selecting one turns unchecks the
   > other.  There are three modes: if Merge is checked, the tags are
   > added to all selected images; if Remove is checked, the tags are
   > removed from all selected images, and if neither is checked, the
   > tags on all selected images are set to precisely the selected
   > ones.

   Aha!  I will have to experiment, but I think I like it.  Although I
   still think that highlighting the existing common tags would be
   nicest, that way you could see what exactly is tagged currently,
   untag ones you don't want, etc.  But I'll try the way you have it,
   at least no more editing one file at a time or the XML directly.

The most common use cases, it seems to me, are removing a tag that was
accidentally applied to some photos, or was misspelled.  In the latter
case, the workflow will be to select all images and remove the
offending tag.  In the former, you'll probably also select a bunch of
messages and clear the tag.

I wouldn't want to highlight all of the common tags because it would
be too easy to accidentally wipe out all of the tags.

   > What was the reject in ListSelect.cpp?  That might have been the code
   > that set up the Remove checkbox.

If you don't have that one, the name ("Remove") of the new checkbox
won't be visible.  You'll want to manually apply it.

   > more ./AnnotationDialog/ListSelect.cpp.rej
   *** 311,316 ****
	 } else {
	    _checkBox->setText( i18n("Merge") );
	    _checkBox->setChecked( true );

   --- 341,348 ----
	 } else {
	    _checkBox->setText( i18n("Merge") );
	    _checkBox->setChecked( true );
   +        _removeCheckBox->setText( i18n("Remove") );
   +        _removeCheckBox->setChecked( false );

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