[KPhotoAlbum] Please Read - Release procedure started (newsnapshot)

Jean-Samuel jean-samuel at wienin.com
Tue Mar 14 16:25:37 CET 2006

Le 03/13/2006 09:52 PM, Jesper K. Pedersen :
> | *) I like the new "x" button in the time bar, but a tooltip telling the
> |    user what it is for would be nice.
> good idea.

Some feedback :

a- I have a features requests for the "set properties" dialog box : add 
a shortcut to turn images right and left without the mouse. It can save 
a lot of time for people (like me) who's camera don't include 
orientation data.

b- the use of the tab key in the "set properties" dialog box is not 
always readable.

c- When you right click on a selected image, it is unselected with is 
not the normal behavior.

d- configuration lost (On my computer) :
	- edit the "set properties" dialog box and add all the possibles items 
on the windows
	- save "current windows setup"
	- restart kphotoalbum
	--> the "set properties" dialog box is empty.

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