[KPhotoAlbum] Please Read - Release procedure started (new snapshot)

Jean-Samuel jean-samuel at wienin.com
Tue Mar 14 12:39:25 CET 2006

Hi again,
It much more clear to read the tread in the good order ;-)

Le 03/14/2006 06:16 AM, Jesper K. Pedersen :
> | Thank's a lot for this new snapshoot. It work fine but I have no
> | thumbnail ! (exactly like for the 2005-12-28-noi18n).

> There was some problems with some intermedia kphotoalbum versions, could you 
> please try and remove ~/.kde/share/apps/kphotoalbum/kphotoalbumui.rc and 
> restart.
> Whatever the result is, please send me an email telling me.

I have no
on my computer but only

On this file was the following lines :

Just moving the thumbnailCache value to 256 in the file (or using the
"Stings/configure/Kphotoalbum" menu) solve the problem.

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