[KPhotoAlbum] Please Read - Release procedure started (new snapshot)

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Mon Mar 13 21:52:43 CET 2006

On Monday 13 March 2006 15:09, Martin Hoeller wrote:
| Hi Jesper! Hi All!
| On 12 Mär 2006, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
| > Please report any build problems you may have, and any bugs you may find.
| Here we go:
| *) When I start KPhotoAlbum as user without an image database, I get a
|    message telling me "The index.xml read was from an older version of
|    KPhotoAlbum", which is quite confusing for new users I'd say.
|    I found out, that the file default-setup is still in version 1 format.
|    This should probably be fixed!
That is a known issue that is still to be fixed before release.

| *) The search dialog doesn't work for me when migrating from an version 1
|    index.xml file. It first comes up with a window without any panes. If I
|    select Options -> Show/Hide Windows -> [Whatever] a new window opens,
|    but doesn't allow me to drag the pane into the main search window.
|    When I start without an index.xml file everything works fine.
Could you send me an example of such a file? Starting without any file will 
actually give you a default index.xml from the old version as you spotted 

| *) Also related to the search dialog is another bug: I doubt the sense of
|    the "Image Preview" pane, as there will never be any image previewed as
|    far as I can say. However, clicking the "x" button within the preview
|    results an a KPhotoAlbum crash!
Well the dialog is the same as the anotation dialog, which is why you see the 
preview. It shouldn't crash of course, which I'll look into.

| *) It is not possible to label an image with the time information
|    "00:00:00" as this will be interpreted as non existent time information.
|    However, it is a valid time and should IMHO be allowed!
Thats an old issue, that I'm not going to change for the next release.

| Two more things to consider which are no actual bugs:
| *) I like the new "x" button in the time bar, but a tooltip telling the
|    user what it is for would be nice.
good idea.

| *) The new thumbnail browser is nice and much better than old one. However
|    it seems it doesn't honor KDEs "single click" vs. "double click"
|    settings. This isn't nice but the real problem is that if one selects
|    "single click" in KDEs settings, he gets "single click"-feature in the
|    browser window while selecting e.g. a person but gets "double
|    click"-feature when selecting an image.
I completely share your concern, I'll see how hard it is to change.

| Besides this, i love the new version ;-)

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