[KPhotoAlbum] New Release (was: Re: Faking kim files to import photos)

Martin Hoeller martin at xss.co.at
Mon Mar 13 10:13:54 CET 2006

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> Might it be time for a new release? I see 8 patches since the last
> release, and the name change.
> If it will be soon, then I will wait for the new release to install. I
> don't want to mess with the exif and kipi stuff.

As Jesper announced in another email a new release is coming soon:

| So now is now, I've started the release procedure for the next
| release. Among other things this means that if you haven't done so
| yet, now is a good time to try the very latest snapshot which you may
| get from: http://www.kphotoalbum.org/download-snapshots.htm

But you can try the current snapshot if you dare ;-)

- martin
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