[KPhotoAlbum] focs bug

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Mar 12 01:38:25 CET 2006

| 2) Another issue that I've observed, that I think I also observed with
|    earlier versions but have not been able to reproduce reliably, is
|    that if I seek with the mouse using the middle button on the
|    scrollbar and then use the pageup/pagedown keys, the
|    pageup/pagedown positions me relative to the last position I was
|    at.
|    For example: if I page down twice, that leaves me at page 2 (let's
|    just call it that, even though there's no concept of pages).  Let's
|    say I now use the mouse to position me at page 50.  If I now hit
|    the pagedown key, it leaves me at page 3.
Good catch. This has now been fixed.


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