[KPhotoAlbum] criteria selection & 'experimental stuff' & multiple keyword delete & path folders view

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Mar 12 00:28:25 CET 2006

| 1) I can't select search criterias (for example places, people,
| folders) with keyboard - only mouse clicks are noticed.. Scrolling
| with up/down buttons on keyboard and selecting a place with space does
| highlight the item - but doesn't bring the item name to the text box.
| So it's also not used as a search criteria. Any hints'n tips - is this
| UI library problem or  KPhotoalbum functionality..?
Works fine here, no idea why you have that problem.

| 2)Some tips for 'Convert Backend.. (Experimental!)', 'Remove 2.1
| thumbnails' and 'Build thumbnails' - menu items? OK I know this is a
| SVN version and has some features only for development purposes, but
| I'd be glad to see some descriptions what they do.. Just a line or
| two.. Btw. help files don't install or my kde help's broken.. (though
| that's ok as long as documentation is available in the net..)
Sure, I haven't got around to do documentation yet.

| 3)How to remove a keyword from several images - but not all - without
| removing also all other keywords?
| Say I have 150 photos with keyword 'spoon' and I want to remove it
| from the first 50 that I can select in the browser easily. If I go to
| edit the data of the set of images, it doesn't show me the keywords
| the images have - so I also cannot deselect any of them..
Right, that is a known bug.

| 3b)In other way, as an idea for KPhotoAlbum version X: it would be
| great if on editing the keywords etc. of a set of images, it would
| show (with colors, pattern or so..?) if a keyword is used by all
| images, by some images or by none image..
| Like you know those checkboxes that are either checked (it all items
| have it checked), gray (if some but not all have it checked) or white
| (if no item has it checked) - the same idea..

| 4)Would it be difficult to make also the folders appear in the folder
| - pane, that don't have images but have subfolders that have.. An
| example, again:
| root doesn't - have images
| root/folderOne - doesn't have images
| root/folderOne/subfolderOne - has images
| root/folderOne/subfolderTwo - has images
| root/folderTwo..
| root/folderThree..
| root/folderFour..
| ....
| So that selecting root or folderOne would give me all the images that
| are under that folder.. I have all photos taken by me in one root
| folder & subfolders and the photos taken by other in other folder &
| subfolders - so if I want to select all the images taken by others,
| now I have to include in the search all subfolders individually, and
| that's a bother, too (look at 1st question ;) Like having parent
| folders as category groups or so..
Dunno, I'd rather not mess with that code. Esp not now where I'm trying to 
freeze up KPhotoAlbum for release.

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