[KPhotoAlbum] Re: Configuration dialog RFE/annoyance

Robert L Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Sat Mar 4 21:08:43 CET 2006

   Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 13:20:52 -0500
   From: "Mark Eichin" <eichin at gmail.com>

   I'm sure that's not universal - but I personally *never* want to
   change timestamps (all my pictures come from a camera with
   sufficient EXIF time) and I care more about description than title
   - but more about tags than anything.

Changing timestamps is something most people would only want to do
rarely.  In my case I used it to back date our wedding photographs
after I scanned all the negatives.  But it's not an operation most
people would perform very often, and over time there will be less and
less reason to do it.

   ps. I *love* kimdaba (and yes, I prefer the original name :-)
   Partly it's because the tagging is a much better job of something I
   tried to implement myself.  But things like "semi-hierarchical"
   tags are a "just right" compromise between full unusable hierarchy
   and flat ambiguous tags - if I weren't using kimdaba, I'd have to
   steal that idea :-)

   pps. coming soon - a flickr/kimdaba sync tool that uses tags,
   instead of a separate UI.  (I use it heavily but it's not quite
   end-user-friendly enough...)

I have yet to find a better tool for organizing photographs.  My wife
uses iPhoto, which is dreadfully slow and doesn't really seem to offer
much of anything that KPhotoAlbum doesn't.  KPhotoAlbum is blazingly
fast; much of it seems to be limited by disk/filesystem performance
more than anything else.

One thing that would be handy (and probably very simple) would be to
integrate it with PhotoPrint.  That's a Gutenprint client that one of
our developers has put together (see
http://www.blackfiveservices.co.uk/PhotoPrint/About.shtml).  Currently
I have to export photographs to a directory and then run PhotoPrint;
it would be very neat to have some kind of integration.

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