[KPhotoAlbum] corrupted tags in compressed xml

albert at yabacs.net albert at yabacs.net
Sun Jun 18 18:03:11 CEST 2006

I have updates my picture database from kimdaba 2.1 to kphotoalbum 2.2
last week.
In my db I've primarily used the tokens A..Z.
After a small test I have imported my old db to kphotoalbum and saved it
in a compressed xml file.
After the next start of kphotoalbum I've missed the tags. Only 2
categories were shown "No tokens" and "    " (empty string) and it's not
possible to select the pictures with a tokens.
I had 5 different tokens in the db before.

In the compressed xml-file all items with a token have this value:
I had tested to set the tokens A to Z and all are saved with the same value.

After saving this db in a uncompressed form every token becomes:
<option name="Tokens" >
 <value value="" />

After reloading the old kimdaba file and saving it in a uncompressed file
everything looks fine and the pictures keep the original tokens:
<option name="Tokens" >
 <value value="P" />

greets Albert

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