[KPhotoAlbum] Importing and Exporting tags

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Sun Jun 18 03:14:28 CEST 2006

 Hi Dotan,

 'In The Field', I use KPA anyway, so this wouldn't benefit *me*
 at all.  One of the problems I have with in the field work is the
 regular shuffling / syncing of about 20GB of image files between
 laptop and server -- but that's a separate issue, I think.  Oh and
 a minor issue of keeping laptop and server software (KPA and
 associated packages) in sync -- again, something I have to deal with
 as separate issues.

 I don't use DigiKam or F-spot (or anything else) to manage my
 photos, only KPA.  Tools to translate the meta-data between these
 apps would be of no use to *me*.  I'd speculate that the majority of
 users would stick with a single app, but I have little basis for that

 Introducing some more XML solutions may work, but it may just
 complicate matters.  Tuomas' work on the *SQL backend may deprecate
 a lot of any such efforts -- although my understanding is that the
 XML engine will still be available / maintained.  Of course, a new
 lump of XML can conceivably integrate into a backend of XML just
 as easily as a *SQL backend.


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