[KPhotoAlbum] Error: EXIF database cannot be opened.

Tuomas Suutari thsuut at utu.fi
Tue Jun 6 14:24:34 CEST 2006

On 2006-06-06 Tuesday 15:06, Rui Malheiro wrote:
> Recompiled without sqldb support and still have the same problem.
> Recompiled without exif support and, as expected, it runs fine.

This might be because maybe your Qt doesn't have SQLite support. See 

> Rebuilding the SUSE SRPM package (2006-04-14 snapshot) with exif
> support works fine. However, rebuilding the SRPM with --enable-sqldb
> doesn't seem to provide sqldb support on my system (from
> Help->Feature Check).

SQLDB is still work in progress, so don't expect to get it working yet.

> Oh, I do have sqlite2-2.8.17 installed. Also have sqlite-3.2.8 but
> the "sqlite" command is version 2.
>    rmm at vincent:~> sqlite -version
>    2.8.17

I think Qt doesn't even use these. AFAIK Qt has separate SQLite compiled 
into it.

> I sent Tuomas the (huge) strace output, maybe he'll make something
> out of it.

Thanks. Please try again after "svn up". I made a change to that check, 
which drows you out with the error msg. Now it only does that, if Qt 
has SQLite support, but for some _other_ reason EXIF db cannot be 

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