[KPhotoAlbum] Error: EXIF database cannot be opened.

Rui Malheiro rmalheiro at 6mil.pt
Tue Jun 6 01:44:28 CEST 2006

[Segunda, 5 de Junho de 2006 21:30] Tuomas Suutari:
> I need some help here to track this. Did you get any other error
> messages?

No other errors, just the search for new images popup (from the strace output 
it seems kphotoalbum SVN is now indexing video files).

> Have you used KPhotoAlbum with the exif support before?

Yes, but without sqldb.

> Do you already have the EXIF db in your image directory (named
> exif-data.db)?

Wasn't there before running kphotoalbum and isn't there afterwards. From the 
strace output, there's no attempt to access a file called "exif-data.db". 
Apart from access to libexiv2 there's no other occurence of "exif" or "exiv" 
on the strace.

> The output of strace could also be helpful.

It's probably too large (767KB bzip2) to send to the mailing list, you want me 
to send it to your email address?

> The problem could also be that your Qt uses different version of SQLite
> than the one which exif-info.db was created with.
> KPA used to copy a blank db file as a template, but this is maybe
> unnecessary. It seems that Qt creates the file if it doesn't already
> exist.
> I commented the code which does the copying. Please do "svn up" and
> remove the exif-info.db from your image root and try again.

Updated, compiled, installed. Same problem. I'll recompile without sqldb 
support to see if it's related to that. I'll also try rebuilding from the 
SUSE SRPM with sqldb support. But its late now, I'll do it after some 

Rui Malheiro
6 Mil - Tecnologias de Informção, Lda.
Lisboa, Portugal  <http://www.6mil.pt>
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