[KPhotoAlbum] Error: EXIF database cannot be opened.

Tuomas Suutari thsuut at utu.fi
Mon Jun 5 20:40:04 CEST 2006

On 2006-06-05 Monday 20:06, Rui Malheiro wrote:
> I finally managed to build and install kphotoalbum from SVN, but now
> I've hit another roadblock. When I open kphotoalbum it pops-up the
> following error:
>    EXIF database cannot be opened. Check that the image root
>    directory is writable.
> After clicking OK on the popup kphotoalbum exits. The image root
> directory is indeed writable, so it must be something else. I also
> couldn't find any file access errors with strace.

I need some help here to track this. Did you get any other error 

Have you used KPhotoAlbum with the exif support before?

Do you already have the EXIF db in your image directory (named 

The output of strace could also be helpful.

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