[KPhotoAlbum] kphotoalbum doesn't recognize multiple file locations.

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun Jul 23 02:23:20 CEST 2006

Sorry for the late answer...

On Monday 17 July 2006 02:09, Kimball Robinson wrote:
| Both gqview and gthumb use *.gqv files to store data on image collections
| (which can work mostly like keyword files.)  -- I would like to import
| those into
| I am trying to import that data into kphotoalbum with either a kim file or
| by editing the index.xml file directly, but I need a couple details first:
| o  How will kphotoalbum react if I give arbitrary paths
Well KPA uses the common root to know where to search for images, so though 
you perhaps might get away with placing images outsite this root, you will 
for sure not get new images found there. Besides, KPA might rely on all 
images being under a common root, I dont remember.

|    o  Do I need to supply the checksums, or can the app figure it out?
Checksum are created automatically.

|    o  Has someone already written a script to do this?
Not to my knowledege.

|    o  Should I attempt to write a cpp file and share it, so it possibly
| could be integrated into the kphotoalbum trunk? 
Well I would rather like to see a standalone app for the conversion, esp if 
you would plan to maintain it in the future :-)

You may use the perl API (which is currently not up to date I'm afraid), or 
the Python API (which Tuomas has a copy of in his working KPA branch, ask him 
for details if interested).
| o  Should I simply wait 
| until the SQL back end is installed?
Well this really ought to be independent of the backend.

| I have noticed that when I have multiple copies of a file, kphotoalbum
| arbitrarily picks just one of them to remember the file by (whether it is
| symbolic links or hard links).   Maybe I am wrong about this.  But when I
| removed one dir tree with copies, kphotoalbum assumed the pictures were
| gone and wouldn't use the alternates.
The md5 sum should help you out here.

| My solution (though I have no idea how the internals of the program work)
| would be to store multiple file locations in the xml file (just as you
| store multiple tags): <image ...>
|    <option name="alternateLocation">
|        <value value="Gallery1/Dec01/example.jpg" />
|    </option> ...
| </image>
I'd rather not go there. That could be a lot of work, and I expect very few 
users to have that need.


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