[KPhotoAlbum] A couple of RFE's about tokens

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+gmane+kimdaba at fastmail.fm
Tue Jul 18 11:45:48 CEST 2006

Robert L Krawitz venit, vidit, dixit 2006-07-18 02:40:

> 1) Use the unshifted letter ('a') to add a token, and the shifted 
> letter ('A') to remove it.  At least make this an option.  The toggle
> behavior can be very inconvenient if we're looking through pictures
> and I don't remember which state the token's in -- I have to pop the
> info box to find out.  Having one key to set and another key to clear
> a token would be more convenient in this scenario.
> I'm well aware that this is likely to be an individual preference --
> a lot of people prefer the toggle behavior.  It's a matter of how one
> organizes one's workflow.  For the way I work, it would be very
> convenient.

I second that, would be a useful option; default should be as it is, of

> 2a) Allow Boolean logic (or at least a subset) on the tokens (e. g.
> some efficient way to select "all images with tokens A, Q, and Z" --
> or perhaps "A, Q, or Z" might be better here).

It's kind of comforting you didn't notice this functionality is present
either ;) It was pointed out to me on this list after requesting the
same. The "options" in the image configuration and search dialogues
allow you to add a token pane to the other panes in the dialogue (by
docking the detached pane). Boolean logic (& | !) works for tokens as
well as all other labels! Those well hidden gems... You may notice this
when you click on multiple items in the search dialogue: KPA inserts all
items separated by "|", unless the "and" checkbox is selected, in which
case the separator is "&".

There are no parentheses though so that you have to multiply out your
complicated boolean expressions ;) Precedence is ! > & > |

> 2b) Allow fast selection of images by token in the thumbnail view or 
> the category view (maybe just typing a letter selects those images).
> One way to do this might be to allow typing letters at the category 
> or image viewer to select images with that token.  If you type 
> multiple letters, it would select all images in the view with any of
> those keywords.  Shift-letter would remove that token from the view
> list.

This would save you quite some button clicks. Especially the additional
click on "View Images" tends to get on my nerves.

Another short cut option would be "saved searches" so you that you don't
always have to type ". It remembers the last search, though.

> 3) Allow use of tokens in the search window.

See 2a)

BTW: I still have a problem with tokens not appearing in the search and
(multiple images at once) configuration dialogues. If I haven't used
token "A" before and I assign it to some images, then call up the search
or image configuration: those dialogues won't let me use token A. Saving
the config doesn't help; even restarting doesn't help.

Only rescue: Call up the configuration dialogue (for single images) and
move through the list of images; then kphotoalbum learns the available
tokens one by one.


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