[KPhotoAlbum] A couple of RFE's about tokens

Robert L Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jul 18 02:40:18 CEST 2006

I have a few things I'd like to see change about how tokens work.

Background: my wife and I shot about 3500 frames on our recent trip to
Alaska, and we're busy trying to classify them.  We're using tokens
heavily in this regard with the following schema:

A -- we both think it's spectacular and should be enlarged
B -- one of us thinks it's suitable for enlargement
C -- both of us think it should be printed for album purposes (4x6)
D -- one of us thinks it should be printed for album purposes

Afterwards, we want to look a bit more carefully at everything we've
flagged with any of these tokens (i. e. all A, B, C, and D shots).  We
want to remove shots that are substantially duplicates.  Rather than
removing a token, I usually want to add an "N" token to these shots
(sometimes I want to remove a token, if it's clear that we made a
mistake to begin with).

I don't want to use keywords for this because the keyword editor is
unwieldly.  It's a lot easier to simply page through the shots (thanks
to the now much faster viewer) and quickly hit one of the letter keys.

Anyway, the RFE's:

1) Use the unshifted letter ('a') to add a token, and the shifted
   letter ('A') to remove it.  At least make this an option.  The
   toggle behavior can be very inconvenient if we're looking through
   pictures and I don't remember which state the token's in -- I have
   to pop the info box to find out.  Having one key to set and another
   key to clear a token would be more convenient in this scenario.

   I'm well aware that this is likely to be an individual preference
   -- a lot of people prefer the toggle behavior.  It's a matter of
   how one organizes one's workflow.  For the way I work, it would be
   very convenient.

2a) Allow Boolean logic (or at least a subset) on the tokens
   (e. g. some efficient way to select "all images with tokens A, Q,
   and Z" -- or perhaps "A, Q, or Z" might be better here).

2b) Allow fast selection of images by token in the thumbnail view or
   the category view (maybe just typing a letter selects those

   One way to do this might be to allow typing letters at the category
   or image viewer to select images with that token.  If you type
   multiple letters, it would select all images in the view with any
   of those keywords.  Shift-letter would remove that token from the
   view list.

3) Allow use of tokens in the search window.

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