[DSPAM] Re: [KPhotoAlbum] Help restoring Kimdaba files!

Paul Waldo pwaldo at waldoware.com
Fri Jul 14 20:09:26 CEST 2006

That did the trick.  I installed the .deb from 
http://ubuntu-debs.de/app/kphotoalbum and I'm back in the running. 
Thanks to all that replied!


Paul Waldo wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Ashley.  I'm using Kubuntu Dapper (6.06).  The 
> only thing it comes with is Kimdaba, no KPhotoAlbum :-(.  I just found a 
> post saying there is an alternate source for KPhotoAlbum 
> (http://ubuntu-debs.de/app/kphotoalbum/), which I'll try.  Hopefully 
> that will work...
> Paul
> Ashley J Gittins wrote:
>> I would recommend trying to find a more recent package, 2.2 was 
>> released May 2006, and I am currently running a build from an SVN 
>> snapshot at some point (patched to disable it importing all my RAW 
>> files).
>> Note that KimDaBa was renamed to KPhotoalbum, so you should check and 
>> see if your distro comes with updates containing a recent kphotoalbum 
>> package to replace the aged kimdaba package. Which distro/version are 
>> you running?
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