[KPhotoAlbum] One more patch set

Robert L Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jul 10 13:27:40 CEST 2006

This includes one more set of changes to the pan and crop&scale code.

I've included two sets of changes to the pan code, one #ifdef'ed out.
The version that is currently active permits panning the image
anywhere inside the viewer border, so it permits panning a small image
around as long as nothing goes outside the border.  The version that
is #ifdef'ed out disallows panning if the image fits within the
borders.  Take your pick.

The change to cropAndScale ensures that when an image is shrunk or
otherwise manipulated that it takes up as much space in the viewer as
possible.  Images are shrunk from the center point of the entire
image; if the center point isn't the same as the screen center point
(as will happen if the image is panned) it may wind up with e. g. the
left edge inside the viewer boundary and the right edge outside of the
boundary.  This change is independent of the pan change.

A couple of things I'd like to see but don't expect to have time to
work on:

1) Currently panning is very slow, because it has to regenerate the
   image for each image movement.  Fixing this will no doubt be quite
   difficult, but it would be a great usability improvement if panning
   were faster and smoother.

2) It would be nice to be able to pan with the keyboard, particularly
   on laptops.  The arrow keys (maybe arrow = small motion,
   shift+arrow = large motion, and ctrl+arrow = move to the edge)
   would be obvious choices.

I was also going to ask for multiple viewer windows to be open
concurrently, but it seems that that already works!
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