[KimDaBa] RAW previews/thumbnails in kimdaba

Steffen Hansen steffen at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se
Tue May 17 17:34:09 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 17 May 2005 15:28, jedd wrote:
> On Tue May 17 2005 08:33 pm, Steffen Hansen wrote:
>  ] Awfully silent here lately(?)
>  ]
>  ] I am looking for example RAW files. I have .CRW (Canon 300D) and
> .CR2 ] (Canon 20D) already, but I'm interested in Nikon, Olympus,
> Pentax, ] Kodak, Konica-Minolta,...
>  I can happily provide images from a Minolta 7H DiMage
>  camera.  The images are quite large, of course (5mp camera).
>  I can upload to a web site and provide a URL.  Do you have
>  any preference on content - insofar as high or low contrast etc,
>  or is this purely for embedded thumbnail experimentation?

Perfect! Just take any dumb photo and put it on a web- or ftp-server for 
me to download from.

I don't have ambitions for actually decoding/processing the RAW image 
data currently, so it is mainly for thumbnail/preview extraction and 
meta-data. Right now the only meta-data item I read out is the rotation 
for correct thumbnail display, but ISO, shutter, aperture, focal length 
and whatnot would be nice too of course.

Any idea how different Minolta RAW files are for different camera 

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